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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  April 5, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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>r hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman. tip time ftime for great v storipstories behind them,s minute." shooting the family dog shouldn't be worth. >> $620,000. >> the video that led to a mega verdict. >> keep your eyes peeled, boys. >> because it's girls gone wild meets the red light district. >> oh-oh. >> but your eyes may deceive you on this story. we all know a ferrari is the ultimate boy toy. but this boy is only 3 years old. >> and he asks his dad to buy it. because he likes it. >> now, we reveal the real reason dad bought it. any parent can relate.
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and would you wear this? >> does it have real bubble gum in it? >> do i have to give her a quarter? it's time to get things started. and steven has our first video. >> a lawsuit against two deputies of the frederick county sheriff's department in maryland recently came to a close with a couple, the plaintiffs, being awarded $620,000. >> whoa. >> a lot of money. you tell me if it's worth it. this is a video that was used as evidence. it's from a police cruiser, two deputies show up to a house belonging to roger and sandra jenkins. the deputies showed up to serve their son, a civil war rant. as one deputy goes to a side door, watch what happens. >> ooh. >> two of the family dogs come out and you see the officer back up. and open fire and shoot their chocolate lab, brandy.
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>> the dog was wagging his tail. >> the family says these dogs were friendly dogs, the dogs were just coming out to greet these officers, like they would greet anybody who would walk up to this house. the officer did feel threatened, but of course you can imagine roger and sandra jenkins were not happy. they said this would be like one of your children getting shot. listen to the exchange here. >> the dog does not bite. >> we don't know that. we don't know your dog. [ inaudible ] >> you can hear sandra jenkins very upset. >> roger jenkins saying to the officer, can't you just shoot some mays or something else? before we go any further, brandy did not die. brandy was left with some serious injue permanent damage,av actually a leg amputated. wjla-abc 7 spoke to roger and sandra jenkins about this incident. >> he could have tased the dog, he could have hit him with a baton. >> dogs are not just pets anymore. they're part of our family. >> after the video ends, roger and sandra take brandy, the
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chocolate lab to the vet. the two police officers enter the house, and they do find the son hiding in a bedroom. some commenters are saying, if this couple would have just said, yeah, come right in, or just said where their son was in the first place and didn't let the dogs run outside to begin with, this would have never happened. >> i've got really, really choked up watching this. i can imagine how a jury did award money on the couple's behalf, because of the emotional experience you feel in watching the video. i got some border patrol surveillance video that shows some heroing encounters with drug smugglers. the boat is suspected of having drug smugglers on it and lots of marijuana aboard the boat. this is near jacksonville, florida. the smugglers' boat beached themselves. they all jump out. you see the coast guard boat come up and watch the flashes.
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see the flash? that's gunfire. the coast guard is in a shootout with these suspected drug smeg smugglers. as the border patrol swings around, you see several agents lined up on shore, shooting into the woods. >> how can they tell what they're firing at? >> they're really letting loose, too. >> let's switch on over to corpus christi, texas. >> the good guy boat is shining a spotlight on the bad guy boat. >> this happened around the same time, late march. you see a boat being followed by customs and border patrol agents overhead. yep. you see bales of drugs being dropped into the water. >> how many objects? okay. about five, six. >> i wonder what happens to these guys if they make it out, away from the coast guard, what happens when their bosses catch them. >> but watch here. they jump out of the boat. >> the people in the boat have jumped out. the boat is over them. >> you're in a neighborhood. their boat is in a neighborhood. can you imagine coming out of your front door and a boat is
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sitting on your front porch? >> the people are coming out to see where the boat crashed into a couple of structures. >> like an episode of "miami vice." >> looks like a stunt boat driver ditched this for a movie or something. a santa monica college board of trustees meeting got out of hand the other night. this is the aftermath. what you're looking at are students running from the meeting after they had been pepper sprayed in the hallway outside of the main meeting room. students are going to be asked to pay four times as much money per class. students are saying no way, this can't happen. according to reports, 100 students stormed the meeting. the fire department in santa monica says 030 people were pepper sprayed. two were taken to the hospital. >> who had had the pepper spray at a board of trustees meeting.
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>> the campus police. >> the board of trustees meeting is supposed to be closed to the public? >> no, it was open to the public. and they knew a lot of students would be there, that's why they opened another room where there could be overflow but it still wasn't enough. >> what were they doing that ended up resulting in pepper spray? >> the chairman and others said look, we're looking into this, because this gives us a black eye. we know that they're protesting, but certainly there may be another way this could have been handled besides pepper spraying the students. >> it seems it's going to enrage people even more. good way to get your students to transfer to another school. let's raise tuition and then pepper spray. there's a new show on animal planet that explores the great outdoors of maine. it's called north woods log. there is an episode coming on this friday at 9:00 p.m. that has this pretty incredible moose rescue. >> oh. >> this actually follows maine's elite game wardens as they try to enforce hunting laws during
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maine's, you know, premier hunting season. he is warden mccabe. >> going to cross a moose. >> there's a moose stuck in a giant mud puddle. the reason this is a big deal this moose is stuck. they're afraid people will go out and kill this moose stuck in the mud for its meat without buying the -- paying for the proper permits or hunting licenses. >> can't rescue the moose, can i eat her? >> people want moose meat? >> oh, yeah. >> fridge full of it. >> have you had moose jerky? it's delicious. >> gayle might be one of those people that would go out without the proper permit. >> that is not true. don't you go on national tv and make accusations like that about me. >> just so you can eat moose jerky. . >> i wouldn't even know how to take it down. >> nail that moose poacher. >> the big thing, this moose weighs about 1500 pounds. >> she is in there a while. >> they're moving her around a little bit so they can get a harness around her. >> they're going to tow her out.
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>> oh, wow. >> okay. oh, good. right there. >> she's just really, really tired. get everybody out of here, because it's stressing her out anyway, and she is a wild animal. >> we don't know if she gets back on her feet? >> that's the point, gayle. you've got to watch the episode on animal planet friday at 9:00 p.m. >> gayle is looking at her right now, see if that moose is still stuck in that mud up you there. >> poach it. >> you know -- watch out. she is the bengals cheerleader charged with having sex with a 16-year-old boy. now see how a taiwanese animator sees the story. >> during the intimate times, she, in fact, turns into a bengal tiger. >> here's a whole new way to look at cheerleader-gate. you've got your easter eggs. nice. and your big cat. looks like a party.
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see what happens when you put them together, next.
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welcome back to the show. don't forget to check in at great videos, all day long. we've all been pointed out because of our fashion choices. >> don't remind me. >> well, i have a few fashion suggestions for the ladies. but i want your opinion. >> ooh. >> does it have real bubble gum in it? >> do i have to give her a quarter? to get one? >> unfortunately, the bubble gum machine doesn't actually work. this is just for looks. >> oh. >> that is stupid. it would be cool if it actually dispensed. >> yes. if it dispensed gum, i would wear it. i would chew gum constantly. >> i find it interesting. i don't know how many people are going to be buying this, especially because it costs $135. would you pay $135 for this?
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>> no. i don't think i would pay $35 for it. >> i think a lot of people would say that dress blows. >> wow. >> well, this dress was designed by a company called davo-wavo, and if you don't like the bubble gum dress, perhaps you would like some of their other dresses. game boy. >> ooh, love it. that's cool. i dig that. >> there's also the my little pony dress. >> that's creepy. >> the dress has a tail. >> and a maine. >> if i see a girl wearing this dress, i will immediately think she is crazy. >> how about the hello kitty tutu prom dress. >> i think a girl wearing that to a prom would be cool, actually. >> what do you think? would you wear this dress or would you go out with someone wearing this dress? let us know on our facebook p e page, >> you two girls would look great in any of these dresses. i'm just saying.
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>> oh. by now you may have heard about 26-year-old sarah jones. she is the cincinnati bengals cheerleader who has recently been indicted for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a high school boy. thanks to taiwanese animators from next media animation, they're going to basically show us exactly what happened. so we've got sarah out there with her other bengal, and it looks like that's maybe when she met the boy. it turns out, she is, in fact, a ninth grade school teacher. >> i love that they're all slobbering. >> they have their intimate moments and during herre intima times, she in fact turns into a bengal tiger. very passionate. she resigned from the school, but of course now a grand jury has indicted ms. jones on these charges. here is actually the funniest part, if you ask me, when they jump inside the bed, a ref
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throws the flag and says illegally touched ball. there is sexting back and forth. the teen has become a victim. >> this is strange -- from taiwan, they have a different thought about sex and what's appropriate and they're asking people if having sex with a 16-year-old boy should be a crime. >> they show her morphing from her cheerleader status on the field to looking pretty upset behind bars. could be a foreshadowing for the future. we'll have to wait and see. this kid doesn't need a lullaby to be put to sleep. he just needs a spin in his dad's ferrari. >> he's got expensive taste. >> the story behind the nap time in the lap of luxury next on "right this minute." and we're checking in with people's pets. this time, we've got three videos so you can get your cute fix.
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♪ keep your eyes peeled, boys, because i'm going to take you to the red light district in amsterdam. these are the windows of the mu lan rouge. you can see the sign. ♪ >> oh-oh. >> he had a little too much of the happy juice? >> did that girl get electrocuted? >> is she going through
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withdrawal? >> is this some kind of performance art? watch all of the people who are coming up to the windows to watch. >> oh. oh. >> these women dancing here are part of the psa, not part of the red light district. this whole performance was put on by an organization called stop the traffic. they have a website called they have over 1,000 member organizations in 50 different countries and their goal is to raise awareness so they can help prevent human trafficking. >> i think that's one of those things that doesn't get as much press as it deserves, because it is a real problem. >> and then to include the message at the top. these are people that are walking through the red light district. maybe it makes them think about where these women are coming from. where this could be. >> how effective is this going to be, though, in a city where prostitution is legal. >> the point of whether it's legal or illegal in that particular country doesn't mean that how the people got there was legal. >> at least it's creating a lot of awareness, because clearly this is not just an issue in
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amsterd amsterdam. it's an issue across the entire globe. hey. >> don't use that word. [ barking ] [ inaudible ] >> i bet you guys never thought anybody would ever pay more than $600,000 for a baby rocker. >> i didn't think anybody would pay anymore than $600. >> check out this story i found. this is the ferrari 450 spider that goes about 195 miles per hour. the man driving the car is a very wealthy businessman. and that little boy in the passenger side is his son.
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little manoff saw the spider in a magazine and he asked his dad to buy it because he liked it so much. so he does, except every time they go on a ride in the spider, little manoff within minutes falls asleep. he won't fall asleep the way he does in the spider with any other car, even if it's a luxury car. >> he's got expensive taste. >> i have never heard of a ferrari putting somebody to sleep. >> especially at 198 miles per hour. >> sounds like this kid should be in a booster seat. >> that's what i'm saying. it's dangerous. >> they probably have different laws over there. twice a day, dad takes little manoff in the car for nap time. >> wakes up in the middle of the night for a nightmare, can't go to sleep, goes for a spin in the ferrari. >> another video that dad posted of him riding in this beautiful ferrari. can you imagine being a kid and telling your dad, hey, dad, can you get this car for me and
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import it from france? you are not going to believe what this guy can do under water. or how long he can hold his breath to make it happen. >> watch what happens if you do push it too far. >> see the guy who flies in the water. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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station. and look at how they measure the time of your train leaving. it tells you the time, but then look closely. it also tells you that that's enough time to consume a mcdonald's hamburger or maybe a mcdonald's hamburger, fries and a coke. >> if i'm trying to go, i've got to eat a big mac, a big drink, a large fry and a sundae. and by that time, they'll be boarding. >> it will be time for your train to leave. >> this guy, he's got to eat a lot before his train. >> he's got a double cheeseburger, coke, fries, sundae, apple pie and a parfait. >> i don't know. by that time, it looks like it's breakfast time. they'll be serving breakfast. >> i wonder if they allow for wait time, how long you have to wait at mcdonald's until your burger is ready. ♪ never thought of that. >> we should go to war saw and find out. people have some awesome pet
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videos and we have three i can't wait to show you. the first one is this dog and cat. the cat is playing the role of a pillow, because the dog is ready for a nap. >> even dogs and cats can get along, you know? >> right. >> this is another video from people's pets. can you tell which of all these is the real cat? >> wait. >> wait. >> there's three fake and one real? >> i don't know. see if you can figure out what's real and what's fake. >> that's obviously not real. >> the one on the top beside the bear is moving. they're all moving. >> oh. the cat looks like a teddy bear. >> if they took the tags off, it would be a little bit more convincing. >> yeah. well, when he turns around and both cats are giving us -- >> yeah. right. >> it's hard to tell, except for when the cat starts moving its tail. >> and here's the third very cute video. working on his computer.
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>> just monitoring the owner's productivity at work. making sure he's continuing his, you know -- stay on task. >> isn't it funny how he's halfway on the desk and halfway on the chair, he's at a perfect 90-degree angle. >> almost like a kitty yoga pose. >> downward facing dog. >> and 90-degree facing cat. >> if you want to see more pet videos, head over to humans can do some incredible things. this next guy blew my mind when i saw this video. >> he's breathing. >> big stream breathing. he's a world record holder. he can hold his breath for seven minutes and forty three seconds.
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he can free-dive down to 557 feet. he's like a whale in a human body. he was inspired by base jumpers and wing suit flyers. he always wanted to fly, but he said he preferred to do it under water. >> it gives me the feeling that i am on land, and gives me the feeling i'm flying. >> wow. >> and he just drops. >> think about just the control and just -- he's got to know the exact right moment to go back up to the surface. >> watch what happens if you do push it too far. >> when i start to exhale bubbles, immediately they grab me and take me to the surface. the surface, as quick as possible. >> i mean, talk about pushing the limits. this guy comes up practically
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dead. you see another diver give him mouth to mouth to revive him. >> this is terrifying. this is mortar fighting than base jumping. >> these shots of him swimming with the dolphins are miraculous. >> that's it for our show today. we have one more video. from big cat rescue. these are big cats flaying with easter eggs. enjoy it. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ -- captions by vitac --
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